Mortality in Swedish dairy cows

Last changed: 11 August 2017

Mortality in Swedish dairy cows

The incidence of dead / euthanized cows in Sweden has increased by almost 2% points in only 10 years and that it is relatively high even by international standards. There is considerable variation between different herds, and the incidence increases with increasing herd size, is higher in herds with mainly Swedish Holstein and decreases with increasing milk production level. In project, we will examine the proportion of dead cows of the total number of dead / euthanized, identify additional risk factors for mortality at herd level and study farmers´ attitudes towards euthanasia.

The material for the studies will be collected through visits to a rendering plant, the cow-database at the Swedish Dairy Association, through a directed survey and by conducting deep-interviews with farmers. Multivariable statistical methods and qualitative methods will be used to analyze the data.

Financier: Stiftelsen lantbruksforskning
Co-applicant: Hallén Sandgren Charlotte, Thomsen Peter
Collaborator: Aarhus Universitet, Institut för Husdyrsbiologi og -sundhet Svensk Mjölk Institutionen för stad och land, SLU University of Nottingham, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science