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CowCalf milk

Right now we don't sell any milk. Keep an eye out here on the website for more information on when it will be relevant again.

Two glass bottles with milk. Photo.

CowCalf milk at Campus Ultuna in Uppsala

We have one-liter glass bottles with metal lids available for SEK 10 in a vending machine next to the milk machine. It is also fine to bring your own bottle. You choose how much milk you want to buy. Payment is made with Swish.

The CowCalf milk costs SEK 42/litre. The higher price is needed because the cows that are housed together with their calves give a smaller amount of milk to the milk tank than other cows do. Additionally, the milk handling process – including pasteurization and transport from barn to campus – is time-consuming.

The income from all milk sales goes back into the project and makes it possible for more cows and calves to be included in the project.

You can buy milk during daytime hours every weekday, when the VHC is open (07:30-17:30). There are instructions at the machines on how to do it.

The milk is pasteurized and chilled. The fat content is natural, and is around 4%.

The main purpose of the milk sale is to see if there is interest among consumers to buy this type of product.

More information about the research project Cow and calf together

VHC building at Ultuna Campus. Photo.
VHC is the round building on Ultuna campus, it is located at Ulls väg 26.
Street talker sign on a stone paved surface. Photo.
There are signs outside the VHC so you can easily find the milk machine.
Milk vending machines inside the entrance of VHC building at Ultuna Campus. Photo.
This is what it looks like where you buy the CowCalf milk. Machines are on the right in the VHC entrance.

How to buy CowCalf milk

Here we show how to buy CowCalf milk in the vending machine.

Pay with Swish

When you have filled up as much milk as you want, you calculate how much you should pay (SEK 42/litre) and pay with Swish. You do not need to write a message.

Close-up of a hand holding a bottle of milk at the milk dispenser. Photo.
Published: 12 April 2024 - Page editor: marie.liljeholm@slu.se

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