Animal welfare in modern production systems for fish - Publications

Last changed: 14 September 2023

FRESH (Fish REaring and Stress Hazards) is a Formas funded interdisciplinary project aiming at improving fish welfare in commercial fish production systems.

Here you can find publications and other material from the project. Click each heading to see the content.

Scientific articles

Books and book chapters

  • Sandblom, E., Gräns, A., 2017. Form, function and control of the vasculature. In: Fish Physiology, Volume 36A, The cardiovascular system: morphology, control and function. Eds: Gamperl, K., Gillis, T.E., Farrell, A.P., Brauner, C.J.,; Sections editors: Farrell, A.P., Brauner, C.J.. Elsevier, Academic Press, Cambridge, USA ISBN 978-0-12-804163-5.  Pp 369-433.

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