15 Jun
23 Sep

SLU, Ultuna, Uppsala

PhD course Multivariate data analysis for chemists, 7.5 ECTS

A PhD course for data analysis in chemistry.

Lecturer: Paul Geladi, professor in chemometrics, SLU, Umeå

Location: SLU, Ultuna

Lectures and supervised assignments: 8 full days. Between the lecture blocks you will receive homework exercises. 


First occasion:

June 15, 9-15, Insikten, MVM-huset, floor 5

June 16, 9-15, Marken, MVM-huset, floor 3

June 17, 9-15, Ekoln, MVM-huset, floor 4


Second occasion:

Sept 7, 9-15, Lärosal Y (C-250D225), Ulls hus D-blocket, floor 2

Sept 8, 9-15, Lärosal R (C-250B213), Ulls hus B-blocket, floor 2

Sept 9, 9-15, Lärosal R (C-250B213), Ulls hus B-blocket, floor 2


Third occasion:

Oct 12 - Insikten at floor 5 MVM-huset. Please note from 9.30-17

Oct 13 - Sal R, Ulls hus, 9-16

Oct 14 - Sal R, Ulls hus, 9-16


Course book: Multi and Megavariate Data Analysis – Basic Principles and Applications

Order on-line from Umetrics: http://www.umetrics.com/services/literature



- SIMCA (Umetrics)

- Matlab or SciLab or Octave


For further details and interest in participation, contact prof. Karin Wiberg, Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, karin.wiberg@slu.se