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PhD-course 'Soil systems: Integrating the chemical & biophysical interface in soils'

PhD-course 'Soil systems: Integrating the chemical &amp; biophysical interface in soils'. A non-modelling course (2-3 ECTS)<br>Course organizator: Anke Herrmann; Uppsala BioCenter, Department of Chemistry

Soils are one of the most complex systems on earth in terms of their physical structure, chemical constitution and biodiversity. Until recently, soil science has been mainly operated on the basis of rather separate disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology. However, there is now an increasing awareness of the need to integrate these disciplines into a soil system view, i.e. looking at biogeochemical and biophysical interactions in soils. More specifically, soils are seen as complex adaptive system where macroscopic properties depend on interactions at smaller spatial scales. Recent technological advances are now available to discover those interactions in the natural soil habitat, i.e. at nano- and micro-scales. Exploring this minute universe and the interactions therein may have profound implications for our understanding of soil functions at field, catchment and regional scales. Aims: The aims of this course are to: * provide an introduction to soil system sciences, * give an overview of emerging micro-analytical techniques and their application to environmental samples, * present examples of soil system sciences to study ecosystem services and * to discuss challenges and the future of this research discipline.


Time: 2011-03-02 17:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Uppsala
Organiser: Focus on Soils and Water
Last signup date: 12 December 2010
Additional info:
Course content The course consists of two parts: 1. A workshop at Ultuna (SLU, Uppsala) will be held between February 14-18, 2011 with international leading scientists in the research area. 2. Literature group meetings (half-day) will take place between January 26 and March 2, 2011. Selected research and review papers will be discussed as well as student oral or poster presentations: 1. Three meetings prior the workshop: 26/01, 2/02, 9/02 2. One after the workshop: 02/03 Short schedule for the workshop: Monday: February 14 Short Introduction (Anke Herrmann) Soil system sciences at various spatial scales (Sara Hallin, Naoise Nunan) Tuesday/Wednesday: February 15-16 Soil interactions in the natural soil habitat: Technical advances (Iain Young, Claire Chenu, Anke Herrmann, Ingmar Persson) Wednesday/Thursday: February 16-17 Importance of soil system sciences for ecosystem services (Karl Ritz, Iain Young, Nicholas Jarvis, Jon-Petter Gustafson) Friday: February 18 The challenges and future for soil system sciences: summary and panel discussion with all lecturers A detailed course schedule will be available later in November / December 2010.