Species database

Last changed: 01 September 2020

A database of traits for species and other taxon levels, including i.e. characters, distribution, habitat and substrate preferences, red-list data, legislation etc.

In total there av >2 billions assessments of > 2 000 parameters. At the beginning of year 2017 there is detailed information for ca 7 000 taxa, a figure constantly growing. A minimum of information, i.e. taxonomy, can be found for all Swedish 60 000 multicellular species.

A typical set of detailed species information contains of 1) Characters for identification of tha taxon, 2) distribution, 3) ecology (substrate, habitat and other preferences), 4) picture. In several cases there is also red list data, legislation that could apply to the species, threat and actions that could be recommended, programs and projects that cover the species, references and links to other sources.


Mikael Krikorev

Artur Larsson