Proximal soil and crop sensors

Last changed: 08 September 2020

Various instruments and sensors for field analysis of crop and soil.

  • D-GPS
  • Soil conductivity ECa (Geonics EM38-Mk2)
  • Sensor probe for ECa, NIR-spectra and insertion resistance down to ca 1 m (Veris P4000)
  • Vis-NIR instrument for lab and field (ASDI FieldSpec PRO FR)
  • Hand held Vis-NIR for field (ASDI QualitySpec TREK)
  • Hand held X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy for field and lab (Thermo Scientific Niton)
  • UAS/Drone with RGB and vegetation index sensors (Pitchup Explorian 8, Sony RX100, Micasense RedEdge)
  • Etc.



Bo Stenberg

Mats Söderström


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