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A well-developed research infrastructure is important for the development of research and innovations. At SLU, we categorize the infrastructure as follows:

  • Facilities
  • Data networks and biobanks
  • Instruments
  • Laboratories

There are 17 pages tagged with Instruments:

The Heureka System

The Heureka system is a software developed at SLU that allows the user to perform a larger amount of different analysis and management plans for forest and forestry. The system could be used for long

Fermentation equipment for growing microorganisms

The equipment is of strategic importance for a number of projects within SLU as well as projects conducted in collaboration with external partners. Contacts Johanna Blomqvist Volkmar Passoth

Multi-head Microscope

A light microscope allowing 10 persons at the same time to see the same tissue section. A mulithead microscope (Nikon E-600) where 10 persons can look at the same slide. Can be used for rounds and

Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Infrastructure for cell sorting and fluorescence-based cell analysis. The infrastructure consists of an analysing flow cytometer, BD FACSVerse, capable of simultaneous measurements of 8 fluorescence

X-ray computed tomography machine

Industrial X-ray scanner for 3D visualization and quantification of internal structures. Industrial X-ray scanner, model GE v/tome/x m 240. This apparatus can be used to create high-resolution 3D

Ultuna climate station

Long term continuous weather measurements to describe weather and climate conditions of field experiments at Ultuna. Standard climate monitoring station that measures air temperature, soil

Ultra High- (UHPLC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), and Bomb Calorimeter

UHPLC for amino acid analysis. Bomb calorimeter for determination of gross energy. Bomb calorimeter – Parr Isoperobol Calorimeter 6300 uppgraded with screen and controller for 6400. UHPLC for amino

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) coupled to Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Time and temperature resolved analysis of thermal decomposition with product detection in outgoing gases. Two interconnected instruments that can be run as one system. TGA is used to monitor thermal

Scanning Electron Microscope

Environmental scanning electron microscopy instrument with energy dispersion spectroscopy analyzer. Low vacuum scanning electron microscope (tabletop model) is used for visualization of morphology

Proximal soil and crop sensors

Various instruments and sensors for field analysis of crop and soil. RTK-GPS D-GPS Soil conductivity ECa (Geonics EM38-Mk2) Sensor probe for ECa, NIR-spectra and insertion resistance down to ca 1 m (

Multifunctional X-ray Diffractometer

Multifunctional X-ray instrument for determination of structures for crystalline substances. The XRD instrument allows to determine the molecular structures of crystals of small molecules and

Isothermal calorimetry

Three isothermal calorimeter (TAM Air Instruments), each calorimeter consists of 8 channels (1 sample + 1 reference), determination of heat dissipation derived from microbial activity in