Aquatic research laboratory

Last changed: 09 September 2020

Research lab for experimental studies on aquatic organisms.

The aquatic research laboratory performs research on effects of environmental pollutant on aquatic organisms. We hold different strains of zebrafish and Xenopus frogs in the lab and breed new populations continuously. Research is conducted on different life stages of fish and frogs, from fertilization and early embryonic development up to adulthood with reproduction and studies on offspring. The lab has controlled light, air and temperature regims, equipment for water and chemical dosage, and aquarium racks for animal holding and exposures. There are stereo and light microscopes for studies of morphological and physiological effects on development, as well as computerized videotracking equipment for behavioural studies. The lab has basic meters for water quality, such as pH, oxygen, hardness. The equipment and model animals at the aquatic research lab can be used for research in various biological areas, such as genetics, developmental biology, medicine, pharmacology and toxicology.



Stefan Örn

Gunnar Carlsson

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