Microbial Horticulture lab risk class 2

Last changed: 09 September 2020

Risk class 2-laboratory with facilties for investigation of microbial dynamics within horticultural production chains.

Laboratory and sterile room for work with risk-class 2 organisms that have been approved by the Swedish Work Enviornment Authority.

The lab was designed to investigate microbial interactions in horticulture
production chains. The lab is equipped with a midiaclave, a mediajet, autoclave, centrifuge, fume hoods, a computer-integrated Omnilog, various necessities for microbiological work, and several incubators. The sterile room is customized for risk class 2 work and is equpped with spiral plates (for dispensing liquid samples into petri dishes), microtiter plates, incubators, and a -80C freezer.



Beatrix Alsanius

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