Wood Science & Technology Laboratory

Last changed: 16 April 2024

Infrastructure for fundamental and applied research on wood and fiber (ultra)structure, propterties and advanced wood and fiber biomaterials.

Research infrastructure of key importance includes facilities for mechanical testing of bio-materials, laboratory drying kiln, cold and hot impregnation systems for industrial and laboratory treatments of wood, chemical laboratory with HPLC, TGA and spectroscopy facilities and 4 outdoor test sites in Sweden and the tropics. Excellent facilities for electron microscopy (TEM/SEM) including advanced EM preparative facilities for biological samples. Possess own fungal testing (i.e. durability) and PCR facilities as well as an extensive fungal herbarium. The laboratory is accredited by SWEDAC according to ISO 17 025 standard and offers durability testing and development of formulations for wood protection and modification as well as chemical characterization and mechanical
testing of bio-materials. The above facilities are available for research
(fundamental/applied) and pilot-scale development, industrial cooperation and undergraduate and post-graduate education.



Nasko Terziev

Geoffrey Daniel

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