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Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology.

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Diversified cropping

The Bommarco lab analyses how diversified farming affects crop yield and ecosystem functions in crop production and cropped landscapes. We assess options for adaptation and mitigation of climate

Bommarco lab

We study insect and plant ecology in agriculture. We explore how farming practices, land use and climate affect biodiversity and ecosystem functions such as crop yield, pest regulation and

Economics, policy and food systems transformation

The Bommarco lab explores how diversified farming affects farm economy, how it can be developed and promoted in food value chains and food systems. We explore how biodiversity and ecosystem services,

Ecological functions in agroecosystems

The Bommarco lab empirically and theoretically explores ecosystem functions in insect-plant-soil food webs in agricultural ecosystems. We apply this to crop production, pest control and pollination.

Report regulated pests

If you suspect an attack by a quarantine pest, you are obliged to report it to the Swedish Board of Agriculture by filling in a report form. Here you will also find more information about new and

Reference Laboratory for bee health

The department runs the National Reference Laboratory for bee health. You can read more about that in Swedis . We diagnose samples of adult bees and brood sent to us by bee inspectors around the

Diss Sokha Kheam

Insect-plant interactions within cultivar mixtures: volatile plant communication as an underlying mechanism charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Sokha Kheam defends his thesis "Insect-plant interactions

Department of Ecology

How can we manage forests and land without threating biodiversity and ruining ecosystem services? These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature.

SLU Honey Bee Research Centre

Our mission is to support and strengthen research activities on honey bees in Sweden. We maintain beekeeping infrastructure at SLU’s Uppsala campus with honey bee colonies used to facilitate research

Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022

How do we achieve sustainable plant protection? This was discussed at the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022 on 9-10 November at Ultuna in Uppsala.

Honey Bee Health

The Honey Bee Research Centre focuses on honey bee health, honey bee disease ecology and pathology. The research contribute to new knowledge and solutions to reduce the threat of disease and improve


Larger projects that SLU Risk assessment of plant pests works with. Assessing the confidence in pest freedom gained in the past pine wood nematode surveys Quarantine pests are surveyed with the aim