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Ethology is the study of non-human animal behaviour.

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Does predation risk affect reindeer habitat selection?

Photo: Elli-Kari Grufvisare The depredation of semi-domesticated reindeer by large carnivores reflects an important human-wildlife conflict in Fennoscandia. Recent studies have revealed that brown bears (Ursus arctos) may kill substantial numbers of ...


Developing a horse welfare assessment protocol

Photo: rihaij, Pixabay This paper describes the development and pilot-testing of a horse welfare assessment protocol (HWAP). The HWAP consists of the collective measurement of numerous factors considered likely to affect a horse's welfare and is thereby ...


How stressful is the visit to the veterinary clinic for the dog?

Photo: Linda Keeling A visit to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful for the dog, and stress may interact with pain. The aim of this study was to observe the behavior of dogs in a veterinary clinic and to correlate it with subjective stress assessments ...


Behavioral differences between two broiler hybrids

Photo: Sofia Wilhelmsson This study compared behavioural time budgets, presence of comfort behaviours and social behaviours in two different broiler genotypes (the fast-growing Ross 308 (R) and the slower-growing Rowan Ranger (RR)) fed organic diets ...


Swedish Animal Association for the Protection of Animals supports research at SLU

Foto från Mostphotos. How are wild boars affected when caught in traps? The Swedish Association for the Protection of Animals is donating SEK 264,000 to support the work with a scientific report based on a study on the behavior and stress physiology ...


Dominance and leadership in human-horse interactions

There is considerable debate about whether the roles horses attain in their social group are of any relevance in their reactions to humans. This article reviews the empirical data on social dynamics in horses, focusing on dominance and leadership theories ...


Blanketing and clipping of horses in the Nordic countries

Limited information is available on the extent to which blankets are used on horses and the owners' reasoning behind clipping the horse's coat. Research on the effects of those practices on horse welfare is scarce but results indicate that blanketing ...


Group housing of horses rarely lead to severe injury

There is increasing interest in keeping horses in groups, but progress is hampered by a lack of knowledge about which horses can and should be kept together. Therefore, our objective was to investigate the effect of group composition on the occurrence ...

Matthew Low

Matthew Low

I am an ecologist and a veterinarian with a special interest in conservation and the factors regulating animal populations. I study this by using advanced statistical modelling approaches to identify long-term trends and the processes driving population ...

Navinder Singh

Navinder J Singh

Associate Professor Presentation - I am a spatial ecologist with broad interest in the interactions of animals with their environment, including humans. I enjoy linking ecological and evolutionary theory with data, developing new analytical and data ...


Cruciate ligament injury changes the behaviour of cats

Photo: Cecilia Ley Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common cause of chronic pain and dysfunction in older cats. The majority of cats with OA do not show signs of overt lameness, yet cats with orthopaedic disease are known to redistribute their body weight from ...

Sönke Eggers

Sönke Eggers

My research involves basic ecology, social sciences and economics that allow farmers, NGO´s and advisors to share their knowledge, and together create regional conservation recommendations by which producer constrains can be accommodated in the context ...

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