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Ethology is the study of non-human animal behaviour.

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Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

Campus Umeå SLU’s campus in Umeå is an inspiring and picturesque learning environment. Surrounded by deep green forests, scenic parks and clear, blue lakes, it is easy to see why Umeå is the fastest

Who asks the farmed fish?

Today, more than half of the fish we eat globally are raised in fish farms and the proportion originating from farming continue to increase. Unfortunately, there are some problems associated with


Here is a sample of ongoing research projects at SLU: Animal welfare in modern production systems for fish Behaviour of dogs in an office environment Data from animal welfare controls: an

Does training style affect the human-horse relationship?

Humans have shared a long history with horses and today we mainly consider horses as companions for sports and leisure activities. Previously, the human perspective of the human-horse relationship

Three themes

The research environment has six goals , and consists of three interconnected research themes (click to enlarge the picture), which develop three separate but linked lines of original research:

About us

The research environment currently consists of about 100 people engaging in one or more of our three research themes . Steering group: Prof. Linda Keeling (SLU), Prof. Per Jensen (LiU), Prof. Harry

CANCELLED: Animal Welfare Science Symposium

After a two year break due to covid, the symposium tradition will start again in spring 2022. The aim for next year is for us to get a new chance to hear plenary speakers scheduled for the last

Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science

The Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science is a Swedish network for researchers in natural and social sciences - establishing scientific excellence to improve animal welfare. The network is

SCAW:s mission

The National Center for Animal Welfare, SCAW, was established in 2008 to gather expertise, and coordinate activities, in the field of animal welfare. Expert function SCAW regularly responds to


You can find information about ongoing projects at SCAW on the swedish version of this page.


Contact Contact Visiting address Ulls väg 26, plan 5 (VHC-huset), Uppsala   Postal address Box 7053, 750 07 Uppsala birgitta.staaf.larsson@slu.se


According to EU regulation, all Member States must designate a national contact point for animal welfare at the time of killing. Companies involved in the slaughter or killing of animals for the