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Health science

This includes public health, global health, social medicine and epidemilogy.

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SLU Forest and Health

Within Forest and Health at SLU, we conduct interdisciplinary research, developmental work and collaborate with the surrounding society. We are specialists in the forest environment and collaborate

Excursion IUFRO 2024

The research group SLU Forest and Health, invites you to join a Forest Bathing session during the excursion to Tyresta National Park. (1. Fire dynamics and disturbances in past and present forest

Nordic Nature Health Hub

A meeting place and resource for nature entrepreneurs, researchers, organizations, authorities and everyone interested in the effects of animals and nature on human health.

SLU Skog och Hälsa - tidigare aktiviteter

DRA ÅT SKOGEN - A seminar from SLU, Forest and Health (In Swedish) During the spring of 2021, the SLU Forest and Health research group invited ten inspirational lectures on the web. On each occasion,

KV - Att förstå beslutsfattandet kring antibiotikaanvändning i kontrasterande länder och djurarter

Unrestrained use of antibiotics increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our project investigates what the elements are that drive a country, veterinary clinic or a farm to reduce the

Project entrepreneurs

The project aim to engage 10 entrepreneurs in Finland and Sweden respectivly. Here the project entrepreneurs will be shortly presented and we aim to follow their work with and their development

3.1 Eskoo

The Wellbeing Services County of South Ostrobothnia, Support and Competence centre Eskoo: Seinäjoki unit in Eskoo joint Municipal Authority for Social Services is one of the national pioneers in its

Natureach workshop 3

Save the date for the 3 rd joint NATUREACH Workshop in Österåsen on 7-8 May 2024 🌸 ! Here you find the PROGRAM with more INFORMATION - updated 24-05-07! Here is the link to Nature Based

Manuals for VR intervention

INTERVENTION GUIDES USING VR-GLASSES GENERAL INTERVENTION GUIDE USING VR-GLASSES (For end user and/or staff or relative aiding end user) Chose a calm room and a comfortable chair. If you have to use

Naturech – measurements

The main goal of the project is to evaluate whether and how different VR nature environments can affect people's well-being and health. Since nature affects people's emotions, mood, physiological

NATUREACH - Homepage

NATUREACH - Nature reachable for all. elisabet.bohlin@slu.se           Martta           ____________________________________________________________ Ann och Bettan frontpage mm About the project

Manuals and handbook

The current manuals and handbook being developed and utilized in the Natureach project are available here at a start primarily for the project participants. Here you also find links to data