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Health science

This includes public health, global health, social medicine and epidemilogy.

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NNHH presentation page

A research and development project! The goal of the project has been to establish a Nordic virtual platform for research, education and entrepreneurship in the field of nature and health. The purpose

Forest and Health

Skog och Hälsa elisabet.bohlin@slu.se Nordic Nature Health Hub Skog och Hälsa i Umeå SLU Skog och Hälsa A meeting place for nature entrepreneurs, researchers, organizations, authorities and


According to research, landscapes dominated by water can help induce calm, fascination and a sense of connection with the landscape. Watching or listening to water is often perceived as positive and

Recreation and wellness

Wellness is about living healthily, eating right, getting enough sleep and being physically active, preferably outdoors. Much of the research that exists about wellness in outdoor environments

Animals in schools, care and welfare

The use of animals in care and in schools is becoming increasingly common. The acceptance in society of the positive effect of animals is increasing and visiting a therapy dog at school is now not

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-simulated environment you can usually both see and hear, accessible via VR glasses, for example. In some cases, the senses of smell and touch are also engaged. VR

Snow and winter

Little research has been carried out into how we feel when we are outside in snow-covered nature. But there is some: In Finland, for example, researchers found that the mood of study participants

The immune system

Forest bathing and the immune system Research is available showing that forest bathing and similar experiences have a positive effect on the immune system and have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic

Nature's role in existential health

Existential health and the “meaning of life” "Existential health is the combined processes of basic thoughts, actions and feelings when people react to the different situations of life in relation to

Nordic Nature Health Hub - release

Nordic Nature Health Hub - release elisabet.bohlin@slu.se Seminariet finns inspelat! Nu inviger vi mötesplatsen för naturföretagare, forskare, organisationer, myndigheter och alla som är

Forest bathing

Forest bathing – or shinrin-yoku, as it is called in Japanese – is a recovery method based on ‘bathing’ in the sensory input of the forest; walking slowly, sitting or lying down. You can forest bathe

Nature and health

Swedish research One of the first Swedish researchers to demonstrate the positive health effects of nature was Terry Hartig, professor of environmental psychology at Uppsala University (Hartig et al