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Food science

Food science includes product quality, vegetables, milk, meat and fish.

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ITP: Healthy livestock - safe food

The international training programme (ITP) Healthy livestock – safe food is now open for application. The ITP integrates animal health and food security while exploring several value chains from

Dairy Research Barn

At Röbäcksdalen about 2 km from Umea city center there is a national center for ruminant research. The research barn offers an excellent environment for evaluation and feeding of forages for

food printing

During the last year there has been ongoing work at SLU to create printable food inks from starch, fibre and protein rich fractions extracted from Faba beans. One of the persons that has been highly


Hennovation was an EU funded project that aimed to find innovations (new, good solutions to problems) within the laying hen sector. Photo: Jørgen Nyberg Larsen Producers and other actors in the

In-situ measurement of meat

Beef is a highly demanded food and plays an important role in the everyday diet for many people. The most common methods for measuring meat quality attributes are pH, colour, water-holding capacity,

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Digitalisation, Automation and Robotic with emphasis in crop production and processing

This research area promotes the application of digital data and tools, automation and robotics to improve the efficiency of crop production and processing. The focus areas include: Sensors and

Animal Surveillance, focusing in Precision Livestock Farming (application of Digitalization, automation and robotic)

This research area works to collect and use data related to animal welfare on-farm, during grazing, and transport. This work is facilitated through application of digitization, automation, and

Digitalisation and Automation in an integrated Agriculture and Food Value Chain

In this case, digitization and automation will be applied in agriculture and food value chain and their performances will be evaluated. This enables to facilitate to develop system simulation models


Logistics and transport systems are crucial for the development of effective and sustainable supply chains, for food as well as biomass and bioenergy. Improving the efficiency in logistics systems


Our vision is to promote research, innovation and the application of process automation and robotics in agricultural and bio-systems, with a focus on sensors, control and information technology, to

Agricultural Engineering

We explore the technology and systems needed to achieve a sustainable agricultural sector, a condition for a sustainable society. Our research is conducted at system as well as detail level.