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Food science

Food science includes product quality, vegetables, milk, meat and fish.

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The Interdisciplinary Academy is a programme at SLU with the aim of promoting and exploring cross-disciplinary research at SLU.

Food and Landscape

Campus Alnarp Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here.


Hennovation was an EU funded project that aimed to find innovations (new, good solutions to problems) within the laying hen sector. Photo: Jørgen Nyberg Larsen Producers and other actors in the

In-situ measurement of meat

Beef is a highly demanded food and plays an important role in the everyday diet for many people. The most common methods for measuring meat quality attributes are pH, colour, water-holding capacity,

Hållbara proteinflöden och –produkter

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Save the rainforest with oil and protein from yeast

Yeast protein and yeast oil produced from wood and straw cellulose can be used as alternative protein and fat sources in fish feed. Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry and fish is an important

Ask a researcher

SLU has many experts in different subjects. Some of them are listed at the Swedish web page. Contact them if you have something to discuss. SLU has many researchers with a special mission to

Applied Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

The course gives an overview about NMR strategies that can be performed on biomolecules, such as proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, and small metabolites. The main objective is to provide the

Other activities

Our activities include seminars, workshops and field trips that aim to enrich our students knowledge and promote networking with other researchers, society and industry. We have joint activities with

Röbäcksdalens Dairy Research Facility

At Röbäcksdalen about 2 km from Umea city center there is a national center for ruminant research. The research facility offers an excellent environment for evaluation and feeding of forages for

Externally employed doctoral students (LivsID)

As of the autumn of 2018, SLU has, on behalf of the government, established a program for ten industrial doctoral students in the food area (LivsID). The investment is made within the framework of

PhD students in LivsID

The industrial PhD students are employed by the company where the project is based and conducted research in food-related applied areas. Through LivsID's activities, they also interact with each