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Swedish centre for nature interpretation (CNV)

The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation, SCNI, is a meeting place, a centre for development and a competence resource for all nature interpreters in Sweden.

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Target groups

Target groups cnv@slu.se

Education for nature interpreters

There are at present very few pure nature interpretation education programs in Sweden. However, a rather large number of programs of education would qualify as partly useful if one attempts to work

Interpretation with different themes

Heritage interpretation with different themes cnv@slu.se


Most of our publications are in Swedish. However, there are some in English. Follow the links below to find all of them.

SCNI publications in English

Landscape Dialogues - a guide Landscape Dialogues has been created for people interested in communication of changes to landscape and the relationship between people and nature; in developing


How can research support the heritage interpreters? What do we know today and which questions can research help us to answer? Heritage interpretation is a growing research field. SCNI is working to

Nature and culture

Many interprets the concept of nature as something in contrast to culture. City against countryside or the preserved against the exploited. Nature is originally a condition for culture and there is

The PAKI Research Project- planning of heritage interpretation, meaning and systems thinking

PAKI ("Planning of heritage interpretation") is a three-year (2014-2016) research project being conducted collaboratively by the Centre for Nature Interpretation and Environmental Communication Unit

Nature and health

Within research, there is an increasingly larger amount of knowledge being gathered about nature's positive effect on our health, both physically and psychologically. An increasing number of


One of the activities that many immediately comes to think about when mentioning interpretation is guided tours. It is also one of the most common methods within heritage/nature interpretation. The

Methods and tools for heritage interpretation

The goals of nature interpretation include elements of learning and positive experiences in nature, as well as stimulating the participants' own reflections. Nature interpretation has a message which

What we do

The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation was established in 2007 by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with the aim of serving as a