Applied Statistics and Scientific Computing

Last changed: 09 August 2018

The Research School in Applied Statistics and Scientific Computing is an integrated, international and interdisciplinary research school for MSc-, PhD students and young postdoc researchers.

This research school comprises training in quantitative methods as a pre-requisite for competitive high-quality research at national and international level. The Research School includes courses, workshops and other activities.

The courses form a consolidated and consistent system in applied statistics and scientific computing, which is the basis of any research at SLU. As such our research school is a platform for other research schools or individual courses in quantitative research to build on and to plug in. The courses are deliberately designed to stress the applied and interdisciplinary side of statistics for non-specialists. The course participants are also encouraged to bring their own problem to the class. 

As part of the research school the following courses are usually given each year or every second year. Upcoming courses are listed on the main page of Statistics@SLU


  • Research Design, 3 hp
  • Treatment of data, 4,5 hp


  • Statistics I:Basic statistics, 4 hp
  • Statistics II: Experimental design and ANOVA, 4 hp
  • Statistics III: Regression analysis, 4 hp
  • Statistics IV: Generalised and mixed linear models, 4 hp


  • Basic statistics, with mathematics, 4 hp
  • Probability theory, 2 hp
  • Basic Sampling theory with applications, 4 hp
  • An Introduction to Applied Spatial Statistics, 3 hp
  • Multivariate Statistics, 4 hp
  • Introduction to Scientific Programming & Simulation, 3 hp
  • An Introduction to Applied Experimental Design and ANOVA, 3 hp
  • Regression analysis, 4 hp