Last changed: 27 October 2023

The centre of statistics (Statistics@SLU) is a joint platform for statisticians at SLU, that enables regular contact and an exchange of experiences as well as offering consultation, workshops and courses to improve the statistical quality of works produced at the university.

The centre for statistics (Statistics@SLU) is led by a steering group. The dean of the S-faculty is chairman of this steering group and each of the other faculties, as well as SLUSS, appoint a member.

Consultants in statistics are mainly placed at three departments:
- department for biosystems and technology,  Alnarp
- department for energy and technology, Uppsala
- department for forest resource management, Umeå. 


Steering group:

Prof. Göran Ericsson (chair)
Faculty of Forest Sciences 

Prof. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff 
Faculty of  för Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science 

Prof. Åsa Lankinen
Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science  

Prof. Sara Hallin
Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences 

Andreas Lundgren




Ongoing operations are run by Director Claudia von Brömssen (Uppsala, lecturer at the NJ Faculty), Deputy Director Jan-Eric Englund  (Alnarp, lecturer at the LTV Faculty) and Magnus Ekström (guest professor at the S faculty) in close collaboration with the centre’s statistical consultants

Dr. Claudia von Brömssen
Director, Uppsala 

Dr. Jan-Eric Englund 
Deputy Director, Alnarp 

Guest Prof. Magnus Ekström
Deputy Director, Umeå

Policy documents for Statistics@SLU


Claudia von Brömssen Senior Lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology; Applied statistics and mathematics

Telephone: 018-671720