Futurology - Future Studies

Last changed: 08 September 2023
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SLU Future Food has the task of working with a future perspective. Among other things, we have chosen to address long-term sustainability challenges for the food system in the platform's overall activities.

We also want to:

  1. Implement and analyze futurology to create discussion and dialogue and to formulate research questions
  2. Together with SLU's other future platforms, SLU researchers are offered to learn more about futurology and the ability to critically review them with the aid of courses and meetings
  3. Support SLU researchers in developing system thinking
  4. Better be able to present the importance of research results from different time perspectives, making them more palpable for decision makers


Futurology is a science that always seeks dialogue: what options can be imagined? What is possible, desirable or threatening? The perspective of futurology is of course long-term, by developing future scenarios and future reports we extend the view. The purpose of futurology is not to establish truths or to predict the future. Instead, futurology point to alternatives and provide the basis for discussion and action.

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