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About SLU Future Food

SLU Future Food is one of four future platforms at SLU. Our vision is to help strengthening the food system to make it sustainable and competitive.

Earth on an apple. Foto.
Why a Future platform?

SLU's Future platforms work with complex scientific issues and are characterized by a multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach with a future perspective. The work is conducted across the faculty and in collaboration with relevant social actors.

Our vision

Our vision is that SLU Future Food, as a strategic research platform, helps to strengthen the food system to make it sustainable and competitive.

The food system means all the processes and infrastructure needed to provide the population with food. It includes sustainable land use, primary production, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales as well as cooking, consumption and waste management.

The food system operates and is influenced by social, political and economic contexts. Sustainability refers to ecological as well as economic and social sustainability.

Our target groups

The target groups of SLU Future Food are actors in the food system's value chains, politicians, research financiers, universities including SLU, other researchers and other interested parties.

Published: 31 August 2021 - Page editor: futurefood@slu.se