Land Futures

Last changed: 11 December 2023

Land Futures is new area of inquiry that brings together research in the natural sciences with humanities and social sciences to explore imaginative, achievable, long-term sustainable futures for humans and more-than-humans organised around rethinking land use and development.

Together with professor Åsa Berggren at the Department of Ecology at SLU and Professor Keri Facer from University of Bristol, SLU Future Food wants to contribute to the development of this field. 

In 2023 an experimental workshop was planned, to develop a more expansive understanding of the role of food as not only an agricultural, ecological, and nutritional matter, but as a key carrier of cultural and social identity and relationships through all its stages from growing, harvesting, transportation through selling, preparing/cooking, through eating, through sharing, through waste.

The workshop was organised as an interdisciplinary day at Ullbo in November 2023. 

About the researchers

Presentation of Åsa Berggren

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