Apply for grants from SLU Future Food

Last changed: 04 April 2024

SLU Future Food periodically offers grants for projects and activities that strengthen knowledge production for a sustainable food system. Those seeking the grant must be based at SLU, but people who do not work at SLU are welcome to participate in projects and activities. However, projects and activities must have SLU as the sender.

Current calls

Our current calls.

  1. Cross-disciplinary Thematic Groups within SLU's Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) 2024-2025

  2. Interdisciplinary research networks within sustainable food systems

  3. Seed funding for Food & Cities projects

Please see below for more information.


1. Cross-disciplinary Thematic Groups within SLU's Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) 2024-2025

Call opens: 6 March 2024

Application deadline: May 22, 2024.

The call is aimed at all researchers with a PhD at SLU, regardless of faculty affiliation or subject specialisation.

The Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) at SLU provides an opportunity for the university's researchers to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries on complex issues in the broad field of green transition.

This year's call welcomes a group of a maximum of 6 researchers to submit proposals for themes that consist of questions about a scientific challenge of a complex nature and that need an interdisciplinary approach to be handled and develop solutions.

Read more about the Interdisciplinary Academy at SLU and how to apply here.

2. Interdisciplinary research networks within sustainable food systems

Application deadline: May 3, 2024.

SLU Future Food is announcing funding for two interdisciplinary networks in 2024.

The support is intended to establish and develop interdisciplinary research networks at SLU in the field of sustainable food systems. The main purpose of the support is to provide good conditions for the development of innovative, high-quality research by creating new patterns of collaboration across subject, department and faculty boundaries within SLU.

Two networks are granted SEK 60,000 each.

Read more about what the call entails and how to apply here (download pdf).


3. Seed funding for Food & Cities projects

Application deadline: 24 April 2024 (prolonged from 26 March).

The call is made in collaboration between the future platforms SLU Future Food and SLU Urban Futures.

Two projects are granted SEK 50,000 each.

The purpose of the Food & Cities seed funding call
The purpose of the call is to support cross-disciplinary research that examines the systemic relationships between food systems and urban development and how these relationships affect the transformation to sustainable communities.

Read more about the call, how to apply and find the application form on the Food & Cities web page.


What do we mean by "food systems"?

By Food systems we mean all processes and infrastructure needed to provide the population with food. It includes land use, primary production, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales as well as cooking, consumption and waste management. Food systems operates and is influenced by social, political and economic contexts. Sustainability refers to ecological as well as economic and social sustainability.

What do we mean by cross-disciplinary research?

Multi- inter-, and transdisciplinary research is here defined as research that comprises theory, method or research approaches from more than one scientific discipline or fields of research. In multidisciplinary research the different theories, methods or approaches are used side by side, and in interdisciplinary research they are, at least to some extent, integrated. Transdisciplinary research is distinguished in its recognition and inclusion of other types of knowledge than scientific knowledge, such as practice and experience based knowledge and knowhow.