Stadsbruk - Urban farming ecosystems

Last changed: 08 November 2021
A young woman taking care of small green plants in a field. Photo.

Stadsbruk stands for a resilient local food production through entrepreneurship and supports regions and municipalities to create urban farming eco-systems.

The approach follows the vision that urban farming will provide food, biological diversity, social inclusiveness and raise a new generation of farmers and thus contribute to multiple Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 (2,4,8,9,11, 12, 15 and 17). By providing strategies, tools, training, expertise, and a large European network, Stadsbruk facilitates urban farming ecosystems locally, anchored in the municipalities' contexts, specific conditions, and challenges to facilitate long-term profitable small-scale agriculture in and around cities. Notable results include an increase in the number of local food producers, increased collaboration between local partners, the creation of new green job opportunities and green spaces dedicated to food production.

The collaboration with SLU started during the Stadsbruk Vinnova project (2015-2018) and was the ground to the creation of the method. With the cities of Malmö, Gothenburg and Växjö, SLU was with Botildenborg, a social gastronomy innovation HUB, one of the founding members of this innovative project. A strong collaboration still exists today with many students studying the method and doing internships at Botildenborgs farm.

Contact: Kristina Santén, External Collaboration Coordinator at the Unit for Collaboration and Development