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Local Food

With local food from smaller producers, we can contribute to the shaping of a more cohesive and resilient local food system.

A baker holds a piece of bread. Photo.

Producing food locally and sustainably

Urban consumers are increasingly interested in knowing about where food comes from, especially regarding the ethical and moral choices that a sustainable local food system implies. Many small producers across the country are also eager to share their experiences on how to grow and provide high quality and locally produced foodstuff.

This page aims at bringing Swedish and international perspectives on the shaping of sustainable local food systems. Read more about the ideas behind local food below!

What are short food supply chains?

Short food supply chains aim to allow producers to market and sell their products to consumers in relatively close vicinity.

One person holds burgers in each hand outdoors. Photo.

Why local food?

Ideally, multiple initiatives can contribute to the shaping of a more cohesive and resilient local food system. Read more here.

Hands holding three squash vegetables. Photo.

Examples of short food supply chains

From farmer markets to box schemes, farm shops and community supported agriculture. There are many different kinds of short food supply chains! Read more about them here.

A vegetable market. Photo.

The local food dashboard

Are local food systems a solution to achieve global sustainability goals? If not, how can it be? This is examined in a project by SLU researchers.

Dark bread loaves. Photo.
Published: 12 May 2022 - Page editor: futurefood@slu.se