Indicators and scenarios for Swedish milk

Last changed: 16 February 2024
Cows on a field where the sun goes down. Photo.

In this interdisciplinary project, the researchers from all the projects in the program "Sustainable consumption and production of milk" came together to examine how milk production has looked, what has happened in recent decades and to discuss options for the future.

Sweden's dairy sector has undergone a dramatic structural transformation over the past 30 years. Eight out of ten dairy farmers have ceased, and the farms are becoming fewer but larger. The cows produce more milk than before, but national production has decreased by 20%.

Will this trend continue and what consequences can it have for rural development, the Swedish landscape, the environment, and the supply of Swedish milk?

40 years with the magazine Husdjur

With four decades of the industry magazine Husdjur as the main source material, Carin Martiin, agronomist, agricultural historian and former milk producer, has captured four decades of everyday life and drama in and around the Swedish barns. What has happened, and how have milk producers and various representatives of Milk Sweden reasoned?

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