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Sustainable production and consumption of milk

We generate new knowledge for more sustainable milk production and consumption.

A hand is petting a white and black cow. Photo.

Milk production for a living countryside and crisis management

Milk production forms an important hub in Swedish food production and milk companies are of great importance to a vibrant countryside. Today there is a broad interest in maintaining and strengthening the role of milk production in the countryside and society.

Milk production is also important for our food supply and crisis management. This is clearly visible, both from a political point of view and in the work with the government's new food strategy. Research shows that dairy products and meat from this production can form an important part of a healthy diet, but there are doubts about excessive consumption of certain foods. Here you will find current research on the sustainable production and consumption of milk.

A cow and a calf outdoors. Photo.

From cow to diet recommendations

The research program ranged from the individual cow, to environmental impact on farm level, to benefits and new use of grass forage and to a combination of environmental and public health for diet recommendations. The program includes six projects from three research environments: SLU, Chalmers and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The projects ran between 2019-2023. Read about the projects in the program here.

Published: 08 February 2024 - Page editor: futurefood@slu.se