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Two hands with plastic gloves rolling food in breadcrumbs

Food Hygiene - basic course

Food hygiene - basic course as suggested by the Swedish National Food Administration, report 8, 2006. The web based course, which is estimated to eight hours studies, is completed with an interactive final exam. The Meny licence - food hygiene fulfils the existing demands on all persons who handle food.

Certificate of competence for horse transportation EC 1/2005

According to EU Regulation EC 1/2005, anyone who, in the context of economic activities, transports live vertebrates must be able to present a certificate of competence in animal welfare during transport. This means that many horse owners are required to obtain a certificate of competence.

 collage of four different animal pictures that are a meat cow, a sheep, a cult and two small chickens, photo.

Animal welfare at slaughter under EC 1099/2009

Slaughter and killing shall be carried out in a safe and animal welfare manner. Euthanization Regulation EC 1099/2009 requires proof of competence for slaughterhouse staff.
SLU Meny is, approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, organizer of training and final tests for certificates of competence.

Published: 05 July 2023 - Page editor: Anna-Karin.Johnson@slu.se