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Ship-time funding will promote marine research

Published: 21 March 2024
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Through the new national infrastructure, Swerve, researchers will soon be able to apply for ship time on one of the six Swedish research vessels Svea, Ocean Surveyor, KBV181, Skagerak, Electra and Oden. The call opens in the autumn of 2024, but it is already high time to start planning for research projects on board.

The upcoming call is made by the Swedish Research Vessel Infrastructure for Marine Research (SWERVE).

SWERVE is a new national infrastructure funded by the Swedish Research Council, which includes seven Swedish organisations: the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, the University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University, Umeå University, the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). 

Starting in April 2024, SWERVE will deliver networks, technician training and support, data management and infrastructure, and funding of ship time for marine research. A website will be delivered soon, which will provide more information on the infrastructure and associated opportunities.

Call for applications

The call for applications will be announced in the fall of 2024 for ship-based research to be conducted in 2025. 

The ship-time will be awarded based on scientific excellence of the applications and logistical feasibility; as determined through a competitive review process.

The successful applicants will be granted research time on one of the six Swedish research vessels with no ship-hire cost. Other costs may be incurred, such as fuel or food.Note that this is not funding for research, it is only funding to cover the hire-cost of the vessel and its associated equipment.

Granted ship time can vary from a single berth on an existing voyage; combined or multi-project shared voyages; or a single project voyage. Geographic area for voyages is not restricted, and although existing operations are predominantly from the Baltic to the Skagerrak Sea, voyages further afield may also be supported.

More information

  • More information about the application process will be sent out shortly

  • If you would like to be kept informed about SWERVE, including the opening of the call for ship-time funding, please register to the SWERVE email list 

  • If you have questions regarding the ship-time funding, please contact SWERVE Director, Louise Newman (



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