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Getting our Cities Right #3

From Green Infrastructure to Urban Forestscapes

Getting our Cities Right #3 - Reflections and take-aways

The third conference in this series delved into the concept of urban forestscapes. We examined the intricate connections between forests, cities, and people, highlighting how diverse social, economic, cultural, and environmental processes intertwine forest ecosystems with urban development. Explore the key insights from the conference via this link.

A group standing in a green forest.

Getting our Cities Right #3 - Summaries of presentations

The conference on the 7th of June 2023 included three sessions: 'Urban Forestscapes for planning & development – anticipating desirable futures', 'Urban Forestscapes as spaces for humans and non-humans - Parks, trees and animals in the city' and 'Forestscapes in the city-industry perspective – the use of forest products'. Read the summaries of the presentations here.

Keynote and panel at a conference.

What are urban forestscapes?

Some of the speakers at the Getting our Cities Right conference in Umeå reflect on how they view the term 'urban forestscapes'.

How do we get our cities right?

More perspectives and reflections on how we get our cities right, presented by the keynote speakers at the conference in Umeå.

Published: 21 September 2023 - Page editor: hanna.weiber.post@slu.se