Gulaim Seisenbaeva, professor of inorganic and physical chemistry

Last changed: 14 December 2022
Portrait of Gulaim Seisenbaeva.

Gulaim Seisenbaeva is a professor of inorganic and physical chemistry since 1 september 2020. Her inauguration lecture will be held in Swedish and has the title "Naturen som inspirationskälla i materialdesign för bättre miljö".

Gulaim Seisenbaeva investigates how inorganic and hybrid materials can be tailored using approaches that nature itself uses to develop functional solutions in biological systems. Nature's toolbox processes materials at the nano level, so you need to gain insight into the processes with the help of advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. The goal is to use nature's own reactions and materials to create sustainable solutions for energy storage and environmental protection. By introducing bio-based materials as building blocks, Gulaim Seisenbaeva wants to create new materials that are both fossil-free and biodegradable.

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