Sylvia Larsson, professor of technical biomaterials science

Last changed: 13 April 2022
Portrait of Sylvia Larsson.

Sylvia Larsson is a professor of technical biomaterials science since 1 maj 2020. Her inauguration lecture will be held in Swedish and has the title "Raffinerade biprodukter för raffinerade bioprodukter".

Sylvia Larsson’s research is about processes that simplify the use of bio-based by-products, making it easier for industries to opt out of fossil alternatives. An important task is to increase knowledge of how best to use the inherent properties of raw materials and by-products. Other tasks include showing how raw materials can be pre-treated to better adapt them to different conversion processes and to develop methods for creating functional components for new products. Sylvia

Larsson is comfortable in large-scale environments and in contexts that require concrete problem-solving; these then lead to basic and curiosity-driven research that contributes to scientific development of a more general nature.

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