Flora Hajdu, professor of rural development in the Global South

Last changed: 22 April 2024
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Flora Hajdu is Professor of Rural Development in the Global South since 1 August 2022. Her inauguration lecture has the title "Rural Development – A Global Challenge".

Flora Hajdu’s research concerns people’s everyday realities and livelihoods in rural areas, mainly in southern and eastern Africa. She tries to understand the local perspectives on policies and development projects in order to analyse the mismatches that so often exist between local situations and interventions designed far away. Her research has covered the effects of projects related to agricultural development, poverty relief and social cash transfers. In recent years, she has also investigated the local impacts of carbon offsetting through carbon forestry in low-income countries.

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Flora Hajdu with interpreter Benson Msuya in an interview with a woman who has participated in a tree planting initiative, during a field trip in north west Tanzania. Photo: Cyprian Silvester Shabirila

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  • Portrait, taken by Jenny Svennås-Gillner

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Flora Hajdu
Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Rural Development

Telephone: +4618672162
E-mail: flora.hajdu@slu.se