Georg Carlsson, professor of sustainable cropping systems

Last changed: 08 November 2023
Picture of Georg Carlsson

Georg Carlsson, professor of sustainable cropping systems since 1 August 2021. His inauguration lecture will be held in Swedish and has the title "Mer bönor och ärter, och fler grödor i odlingen".

Georg Carlsson’s research focuses on practices that could increase the sustainability of cropping systems, for example more extensive cultivation of legumes for human consumption, intercropping and catch crops. Currently, several factors restrict progress in this area. These include poor profitability, uncertainties regarding crop choice and management, or a lack of equipment and logistics for post-harvest handling of intercrops. Georg Carlsson is investigating different ways to overcome these obstacles to enable the development of cropping systems with greater crop diversity and with more legumes both in the fields and on our plates.

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