Abozar Nasirahmadi, professor of digitalisation in agriculture engineering

Last changed: 16 April 2024
Portrait of Abozar Nasirahmadi

Abozar Nasirahmadi is a professor of digitalisation in agriculture engineering since 1 November 2023. His inauguration lecture has the title "Next generation of farm management systems: the potential of artificial intelligence".

Abozar Nasirahmadi researches digitalisation in agriculture and the integration of intelligent systems into farming practices. He aims to contribute to the development of innovative solutions tailored to specific farming conditions for fostering a more sustainable and efficient future for the agricultural and food production sectors. His work includes developing AI-based systems and smart sensors, as well as the use of big data analytics, digital twin models and robots, in both livestock and crop farming systems.

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Abozar Nasirahmadi sitting by a table making adjustments to digital equipment.
Abozar Nasirahmadi presents at a workshop on digital technology in agriculture. He shows how to connect sensors and processors to robotic kits. Photo: Carsten Bruckhaus

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