Erik Hysing, professor of political science

Last changed: 08 March 2024
Portrait of Erik Hysing

Erik Hysing is a professor of political science since 1 September 2023. His inauguration lecture has the title "Att styra mot hållbarhet".

Erik Hysing's research deals with sustainable development and environmental governance. He focuses on the processes that precede the design of societal goals and policy instruments, and how these are changed. It concerns opportunities and obstacles for designing more sustainable policies, and how different actors within and outside the state act to influence these processes and how they succeed. Current studies include measures to reduce the use of PFAS in food packages and the planning of sustainable transport systems.

Erik Hysing sitting by a table discussing something with a colleague.
Erik Hysing in a discussion with a colleague. Photo: Johan von Feilitzen

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