Matthias Peichl, professor of forest landscape biogeochemistry

Last changed: 12 April 2024
Portrait of Matthias Peichl

Matthias Peichl is a professor of forest landscape biogeochemistry since 1 October 2021. His inauguration lecture has the title "The breathing of the boreal forest: Tracking greenhouse gas fluxes between plants, soil and air".

Matthias Peichl’s research addresses the exchange of greenhouse gases between the forest landscape and the atmosphere. Instruments mounted on towers several meters above the plant canopy measure the fluxes of these gases throughout the year. These measurements provide insights into whether the ecosystem takes up more gases than it releases, and how this exchange responds to weather extremes and forest management. Ultimately, this research delivers the science-based evidence needed for the development of climate-friendly management strategies for the boreal forest landscape.

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Matthias Peichl standing on a platform above the tree tops adjusting some technical equipment.
Matthias Peichl inspects an instrument that measures the flow of greenhouse gases from a forest in Västerbotten. Photo: Andreas Palmén

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Matthias Peichl, Professor
Department of Forest Ecology & Management, SLU