Paul Kardol, professor of forest microbiology

Last changed: 13 April 2024
Portrait of Paul Kardol

Paul Kardol is a professor of forest microbiology since 1 February 2023. His inauguration lecture has the title "Breaking new ground in climate change ecology – what happens below the ground matters".

Paul Kardol investigates how environmental change impacts the functioning of land ecosystems. In his research, he explicitly focus on community dynamics, rather than single species, both under natural conditions (e.g. succession) and as affected by global change factors. He is particularly interested in linkages between plant communities and soil communities (microbes, nematodes, and other small creatures) and the consequences of plant-soil interactions for ecosystem functioning. Most of his work concern boreal forest and subarctic tundra ecosystems, but he is also involved in large, international projects spanning a broader variety of ecosystems.

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Paul Kardol standing in a laboratory looking in a box filled with moss and soil samples.
Paul Kardol collects soil samples from miniature tundra ecosystem, a so-called mesocosm. Photo: Henrik Karmehag

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Paul Kardol
Professor in Microbial Ecology
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU