Stéphanie Robert, professor of plant physiology

Last changed: 10 April 2024
Portrait of Stéphanie Robert

Stéphanie Robert is a professor of plant physiology since 1 January 2021. Her inauguration lecture has the title "How do plant cells take shape".

Stéphanie Robert´s research concern the ability of plants to grow continuously and adapt their physical form, which allows them to modify their development to better cope with rapidly changing environments. Her aim is to elucidate how different parts of plants acquire their characteristic shapes while maintaining flexibility. She unravels the molecular mechanisms that control this by seeking to understand the processes governing the shapes of individual cells and the signalling pathways involved.

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Stéphanie Robert in the growth chamber holding a tray with Arabidopsis plants.
Stéphanie Robert, professor in Plant Physiology, with Arabidopsis thaliana, or thale cress, in one of the growth chambers at Umeå Plant Science Centre. Arabidopsis is the first model organism for plant science and the best species to conduct cutting-edge cell biology, molecular biology, and, most importantly, genetics of flowering plants. Stéphanie’s research is focused on understanding how plants acquire their cell shapes and overall structure. Photo: Henrik Karmehag

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