Jean Yong, professor of Horticultural Growing Systems

Last changed: 16 January 2024

Jean Yong is a professor of horticultural growing systems since 15 October 2018. The title of his inauguration lecture is: "Sustainable plant production and functionality of greenery".

Jean Yong and his colleagues have developed a sustainable way of plant production, reducing the reliance on chemical fertilisers through the use of organic amendments containing natural biostimulants.

Using an earthworm-plant model for research, they have found that the growth process in plants is promoted by various phytohormones and other unknown substances.

Jean Yong also studies the biological functionality of greenery in landscape environments – it provides positive social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Jean ("John") Yong was born in 1968 in Singapore. He received his doctoral degree in plant biochemistry and physiology at the Australian National University, and has worked at various universities in Singapore and Australia, Brown University and MIT.

With a multidisciplinary mindset, he has operated successfully across the triple realms of academia, government and commercial sectors.

After twenty years of research, teaching and industrial consultancies, two major themes emerged over time: developing sustainable plant production for horticultural, agricultural and ecological applications and defining the biological functionalities and ecological services provided by plants in various scenarios, especially the built environment.

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