About The First African Conference on Edible Insects

Last changed: 12 July 2021
A green grasshopper on gray soil, photo.

The aim of The First African Conference on Edible Insects was to consolidate innovations, research and industrial development on edible insects for transformation of livelihoods in Africa.

Edible insects are consumed in most parts of Africa. With the exciting developments and increasing enthusiasm in utilizing edible insects as alternative sources of proteins, several research and development initiatives have been undertaken in Africa. Despite the expectation that the industrial use of insects as food and animal feed would be ignited in Africa and spread to other parts of the world, and considering the long history of insect consumption and the wealth of indigenous knowledge, development of this sector has been very slow.

Many edible insect species still collected from the wild

Many edible insect species are still collected from the wild, making it less sustainable as well as posing challenges regarding food safety standards. Additionally, very few African governments have embraced the use of insects as food and feed, leading to a lack of and poor legislative frame¬works to effectively support this emerging industry. Poor infrastructure, lack of investment and awareness about edible insects means that most African countries will lag behind as the rest of the world advances in utilization of insects as a source of human food and animal proteins.

A meeting point for scientist and the industry and policy-makers

Scientists, academics, students, investors, policy-makers, communities and all interested parties in edible insect research and development, consumption and industrial utilization are invited to submit abstracts for this conference.

The themes of the conference are:

  1. Innovations in captive rearing of insects as food and animal feed
  2. Innovation in insect processing, product development, nutrition, and food safety and functional foods
  3. Enterprise development, stewardship and legislation on edible insects use as food and livestock feed
  4. Indigenous knowledge and social systems of edible insects in Africa

See a pdf-file with the Keynote speakers here.

Targeted participants

We welcome insect collectors, processors and traders, urban council officials, NGOs, local and international researchers and scholars, health practitioners, environmentalists, regulatory bodies, private sector players and nutritionists, Regional and international private com­panies, government ministries, regulatory bodies, livestock feed companies, development funding organizations to share learnings and contribute to a meaningful conference.

Special business symposium

Investment in the edible insects sector in developing countries: insights and opportunities. This will be a one-day workshop with three plenary speakers. The symposium will focus on investment opportunities in the edible insect sector in Africa.


An exhibition on edible insect recipes from various groups and private companies will take place. A special guest exhibition from the Dem­ocratic Republic of Congo by Association des Femmes D’Affaires du Congo (AFAC), Democratic Republic of Congo, Mikesa group will run from 14-16 August 2019.


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