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AgriFose2030 addresses challenges of achieving SDG2, with an emphasis on increased and sustainable production in agriculture including food security. This work is organised into four cross-disciplinary "Challenges". While these challenges address different aspects of SDG2 and related SDGs, poverty eradication, gender inclusiveness, climate change adaption/mitigation and biodiversity protection are mainstreamed in the challenges. 

1. Improving access to safe and nutritious food

This challenge focuses on how households in poor communities can better access safe and nutritious food. It covers aspects of pre- and postharvest food loss, how to prevent food borne diseases and best ways to connect farmers to markets.

Use of groundwater for irrigation in Kandal Province, Cambodia

2. Agricultural productivity and ecosystem functions

The starting point of this challenge is in the dependence on well-functioning ecosystem services as a basis for sustainably increasing agricultural productivity. It looks at the hurdles, potentials and options for smallholders to increase farm productivity with minimal impact on the natural capital.

Beans in bowl

3. Science-based innovation and extension

A science-based extension service is crucial for improving smallholder productivity and profitability in a sustainable way. The focus of this AgriFoSe2030 challenge will be the “linkage problem” in the science – innovation – extension – adoption chain.

Chemist examining a beaker at a crude oil processing lab in Arusha, Tanzania

4. Smallholder agriculture within transforming food systems

Rapid urbanisation and expanding urban food markets provide opportunities for smallholder farmers to engage more with markets. The overall objective of this challenge is to translate science to inform policy and practice for rural-urban dynamics.

Goats Uganda

Curious about AgriFoSe2030?

Here you can get a short introduction to the AgriFoSe2030 programme phase II and the four challenges included in the programme.  

Published: 10 May 2023 - Page editor: agnes.bondesson@slu.se