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What would you like for dinner?

Two new and unusual cookbooks – “Secrets of African Edible Insect Cookery” and “Les Délices de Mikese” (“Mikese’s Delicacies”)  – showcase insects as ingredients in recipes, such as “mopane worm samosas”, “stink bug ginger nuggets”, and “chafer beetle cupcakes”.

The cookbooks are part of a wider effort to increase the use of insects in cooking in Africa, where such centuries-old culinary practices have waned over time. The books also seek to provide practical recipes that respond to the growing worldwide interest in using insects as a source of dietary protein that is less resource intensive than meat.

Discussion with the co-authors

Watch a video featuring Dr. Linley Chiwona-Karltun, co-author of “Les Délices de Mikese,” and Dr. Robert Musundire, co-author of “Secrets of African Edible Insect Cookery,” as they discuss the making of the cookbooks.

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Published: 18 February 2021 - Page editor: agnes.bondesson@slu.se