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Cecilia Lalander

Cecilia Lalander


My research is focused on technologies for safe recycling of plant nutrients. I work with different types of organic wastes, but with special focus on food- and toilet waste. I work mainly with fly larvae composting, in which fly larvae are used to convert the organic waste into animal feed (larvae) and organic fertiliser (treatment residue).


Co-supervisor for PhD candidates:


Luis Fernando Perez Mercado, working title: Hygienically safe wastewater irrigation in Cochabamba valley.

Alice Isibika, working title: Fly larvae composting of banana juice press cake.

Prithvi Simha, working title: Urine drying.

Supervison (main and co-supervisor) of master thesis projects:


Lucia Motlogelwa Ledwaba, working title - In-situ vermicomposting of faeces in a dry composting toilet

Nils Ewald, Fatty acid composition of black soldier fly larvae - impact of rearing substrate


Kristina Lundgren, 2019, MSc - Impact of fly specific bacteria on fly larvae composting

Solveig Johannesdottir, 2017, MSc - Uppskalning av fluglarvskompostering - Luftningsbehov och ventilation

Thabani Eddington Chirere, 2016, MSc - A way out of food insecurity and poverty - The potential of using fly larvae composted faeces as organic fertiliser in sub-Saharan African agriculture.

Bram Dortmans, 2015, MSc - Valorisation of Organic Waste – Effect of the Feeding Regime on Process Parameters in a Continuous Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting System.

Modibo Sidibe, 2014, MSc - Comparative study of bark, bio-char, activated charcoal filters for upgrading grey-water : from a hygiene aspect.

Ramiyeh Molaei, 2014, MSc - Pathogen and indicator organisms removal in artificial greywater subjected to aerobic treatment : comparison of four filter media.

Alexander Myrsten, 2012, MSc - Maskkompostering för behandling av organiskt avfall.


Lovisa Lindberg, 2018, MSc - Utsläpp av växthusgaser och ammoniak under fluglarvskompostering

Selected publications

In peer-reviewed journals:

Lalander, C., Diener, S., Zurbrügg, C., & Vinnerås, B. 2019. Effects of feedstock on larval development and process efficiency in waste treatment with black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). Journal of Cleaner Production, 208, 211-219

Simha, P., Lalander, C., Ramanathan, A., Vijayalakshmi, C., McConville, J.R., Vinnerås, B., Ganesapillai, M. 2018. What do consumers think about recycling human urine as fertiliser? Perceptions and attitudes of a university community in South India. Water research, 143, 527-538

Perez-Mercado, L.F., Lalander, C., Joel, A., Ottoson, J., Iriarte, M., Oporto, C., Vinnerås, B. 2018. Pathogens in crop production systems irrigated with low-quality water in Bolivia. Journal of Water and Health, 16(6), 980-990

Simha, P., Lalander, C., Vinnerås, B., Ganesapillai, M. 2017. Farmer attitudes and perceptions to the re–use of fertiliser products from resource–oriented sanitation systems – The case of Vellore, South India. Science of The Total Environment, 581–582, 885-896.

Lalander, C., Senecal, J., Gros Calvo, M., Ahrens, L., Josefsson, S., Wiberg, K. and Vinnerås, B. 2016. Fate of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in fly larvae composting. Science of the Total Environment 565, 279-286.

Blomström, A.-L., Lalander, C., Komakech, A.J., Vinnerås, B., Boqvist, S. 2016. A metagenomic analysis displays the diverse microbial community of a vermicomposting system in Uganda. Infection Ecology & Epidemiology, 6.

Dalahmeh, S.S., Lalander, C., Pell, M., Vinnerås, B., Jönsson, H. 2016. Quality of greywater treated in biochar filter and risk assessment of gastroenteritis due to household exposure during maintenance and irrigation. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 121(5), 1427-1443.

Lalander, C.H., Fidjeland, J., Diener, S., Eriksson, S. and Vinnerås, B. 2015. High waste-to-biomass conversion and efficient Salmonella spp. reduction using black soldier fly for waste recycling. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 35, 261-271

Lalander, C., Hill, G., Vinnerås, B. 2013. Hygienic quality of faeces treated in urine diverting vermicomposting toilets. Waste Management, 33(11), 2204-2210.

 Lalander, C., Diener, S., Magri, M.E., Zurbrügg, C., Lindström, A., Vinnerås, B. 2013. Faecal Sludge Management with the Larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) - From a Hygiene Aspect. Science of the Total Environment, 458-460, 312-318.

Lalander, C., Dalahmeh, S., Jönsson, H., Vinnerås, B. 2013. Hygienic quality of artificial greywater subjected to aerobic treatment - a comparison of three filter media at increasing organic loading rates. Environmental Technology, 1-12.

Hill, G.B., Lalander, C.H., Baldwin, S.A. 2013. The Effectiveness and Safety of Vermi- Versus Conventional Composting of Human Feces with Ascaris suum Ova as Model Helminthic Parasites. Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(4).

Conference paper:

Diener, S., Lalander, C., Zuerbrugg, C. and Vinnerås, B. 2015. OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSTRAINTS FOR MEDIUM-SCALE ORGANIC WASTE TREATMENT WITH FLY LARVAE COMPOSTING. In 15th International waste management and landfill symposium. Sardinia.


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Researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology; Environmental Engineering Unit
Telephone: 018-673816
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Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala