Nordic Green Care Network

Last changed: 26 March 2024
Cows outdoors with a barn in the background, photo.

Nordic Green Care Network is a network of researchers working with research and development in the field of green care. Network activities include seminars, workshops and congresses, with the aim of strengthening research collaboration and knowledge exchange between the Nordic countries within Green Care.


  • Lena Lidfors, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Environment and Health, P.O. Box 234, 53223 Skara, Sweden (Project leader).
  • Bente Berget, University of Agder and Agder Research, Gimlemoen 19, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway.
  • Karen Thodberg, Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, P.O. Box 50, 8830 Tjele, Denmark.
  • Anna Maria Palsdottir, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology, P.O. Box 88, 23053 Alnarp, Sweden (represents Island).
  • Ingela Wikman, University of Helsinki, Department of Production Animal Medicine, Animal Management and Welfare, P.O. Box 57, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland.

Collaborating organisations

Completed activities so far

  • Nordic Conference in Nature Based Interventions and Green Care 31 October-1 November 2017 in Kristiansand, Norway.
  • National Conference in Green Care in Skara 27-29 September 2016. (in Swedish)
  • Workshop on Green Care at Nordens Ark, Sweden, 4-5 October.
  • Workshop on Green Care in Denmark 15-16 November 2016.