Aluminium, Al (acid-soluble)

Last changed: 18 February 2018

The sample is acidified, but not heated, wereafter aluminium is quantified colourimetrically. The method estimate the bulk of dissolved aluminium, but only a small amount of aluminium bound in e.g. mineral particles, since the treatment is too mild to disintegrate the particles. 

Known issues in the databases

Current method of measurement

The analysis method ceased in 2003

Previous methods

1993-01 – 2003-12
Method: Swedish Standard SS 02 82 10 (modified).
Instrument: Technicon Autoanalyzer I.

1985-01 – 1992-12
Method: Swedish Standard SS 02 81 41 (modified). Henriksen, A. & Bergmann-Paulsson, I. M. 1975. Vatten 4 (Water 4): 339-342.
Instrument: Technicon Autoanalyzer I.

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