Aluminium (Al) with ICP-AES

Last changed: 21 May 2021

The sample is acidified with HNO3. The quantification is made by emission spectroscopy in a plasma instrument that measures all aluminium, except particles that are too large to vaporise in the plasma. 

Known issues with the parameter and/or important method changes

In general, the values analysed wiht ICP-AES slightly higher than for acid-soluble aluminium.

Aluminium can be analysed with several different methods. Read more in our method comparison (in Swedish).

Current method of measurement

The method was cancelled by the end of 2015. Samples taken from January 2016 are analysed with ICP-MS.

Previous methods

2004 01 - 2015 12
Method: ICP (Inductively coupled plasma), SS-EN ISO 11885:2009.
Instruments: VarianVista AX and PerkinElmer OPTIMA 2100 (since 2008)