Rich Waters - a LifeIP project

Last changed: 26 September 2023
Rich Waters logotype. Illustration.

Rich Waters is an EU project that is coordinated by the Northern Baltic Sea water district with the overall goal of improving water quality, especially in water bodies that flow into Lake Mälaren.

Water quality issues that will be focused on in the project include eutrophication, environmental toxins, and disconnected migration paths in streams and rivers.

The department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment contributes to:

  • A decision framework for measures to reduce phosphorus losses from agricultural areas based on modeling of hot spots for erosion.
  • Measures to reduce internal loading of phosphorus from lake and coastal sediments
  • Monitoring of measure effectiveness for reducing phosphorus release via high frequency measurements of water quality using sensors
  • Modeling of pollutant loads coming from different sources.

On the Swedish version of this page you find links to work with e.g. sensors, internal load and maps about optimal placement of wetlands and buffer zones.

More information

More information about the project can be found at Rich Waters' website. There you can also find information about parts of the work where the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment has participated: