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Our research increases our understanding of aquatic ecosystems, improves environmental analysis and monitoring, and contributes to the sustainable use of water and other natural resources. An important part of our research is to distinguish human impact on the aquatic environment from natural variations.

Collage with nine photos of among others plankton, sampling and laboratory work.

Research areas

Most of our research is focused on current environmental issues, and is often conducted in collaboration with industry, authorities and organizations. Our research includes aquatic ecosystems and environmental issues such as environmental pollutants, climate change, eutrophication, biodiversity and ecological services such as the availability of clean drinking water. The department’s research is strongly linked with our environmental assessment. For example, data from monitoring is used for research, and many times the aim of our research is to improve environmental assessment methods.


Drinking water

Environmental assessment and tools

Environmental contaminants and pesticides

Functional microbial ecology

Nutrient enrichment

Long-term environmental change


Two chemists inspecting an analysis instrument

Research infrastructure

At the department we have three research laboratories, and we participate in the national infrastructure programmes SITES, LTER Sweden and Integrated Monitoring (IM). We are also national data hosts for chemical and biological data from lakes and streams.

Published: 01 January 2024 - Page editor: vattenmiljo-webb@slu.se