BESAFE – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Arguments for our Future Environment

Last changed: 24 May 2017

The project 'BESAFE – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Arguments for our Future Environment' started in 2012 and finishes 2016.

BESAFE will use case studies to investigate how much importance people attribute to alternative arguments for the protection of biodiversity and in particular how this relates to ecosystem services. The Project will focus on the arguments used by policy makers at different governance levels and in different ecological, socio-economic, spatial and temporal contexts. BESAFE will thus examine the interactions of environmental protection policies between governance scales. The Project will also consider the contribution that valuing ecosystem services can make in demonstrating the value of biodiversity.

The project is financed by Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission and has a total budget of 201,028 Euro (approx. 1,7 MSEK).

Participating from the Department are Malgorzata Blicharska and Ulf Grandin.

External partners are 15 different organizations,(universities, research institutes etc) from 13 different EU countries.

Further reading on the project here!