Research projects within Urban Vegetation

Last changed: 22 November 2023

Read about some of the ongoing research projects within Urban Vegetation.


Green Sponge Buildings in Scandinavia

Petra Thorpert


Rest till Bäst

Produces biochar from organic residues
Ann-Mari Fransson

Rest till Bäst is a Vinnova-funded project whose purpose is to develop solutions for managing society’s organic residues (park and garden waste, sludge, algae and seaweed) and create a much needed beneficial product (biochar), while at the same time minimising environmental and climate impact and establishing a carbon sink. The project has 14 partners – from established universities and large companies to small enterprises and municipalities.

SLU  develops knowledge on how to use biological natural resources on land and in water in a sustainable way. SLU is the deputy project manager for Rest till Bäst and contributes its expertise within plant ecology and urban vegetation systems.

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Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin, Professor
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